Monday, November 26, 2007

Wish I Were a ButterFly

Wish I were a butterfly...

So Soft& light

Wish I were a butterfly, always live in the sunlight

Living in harmony& delight

Roses& sweet lilacs are always at her sight

Her Life is full of freedom,

&her world is full of beauty

Wish I were a butterfly...

Move from place to place

Her limits are the endless space

Her world is so green& rosey

Always free to rest& mosey

Wish I were a butterfly, so young& free

To be smart& light

People would always miss me..

When I get out of sight..

Coz... I'm a little butterfly who never wants to annoy anyone.. or be a heavy burden ever

Wish..I were a butterfly...

Beauty is all around her

Seem to sing the most beautiful songs to the world

Declaring freedom, purity, and innocence

Wish I were a butterfly...

Move freely from one flower to the other

Never fear the shadows of power

Released away from all tyranny& corruption

Oh Sweet Peaceful Life.... How much I miss you!!


RAMA said...

بصراحة مش عارفة أقول ايه غير إنها جميلة أوي ويارب ربنا يرزقك الإحساس ده وتعيشي فيه دايما

وحشتيني :)

ولــــــــــو said...

The happiest people don�t necessarily have the best of everything,
they just make the most of everything that comes along the way.

for those who know you you're a butterfly

angelic devil said...

before wishing to be a butterfly
did u decide
what will u do in powerful storms???
what will u do if a sort of playful child hunt u???
what will u do if in one of hot sunny days, u had ur wing burned???
what will u do if the air around u becomes full of killing insecticides???
what will u do to face all dangers around u???

thank god 4 being what i 'm
soooooooooo nice
go on

sabrina said...

but the butterfly is soooo fragile!
can u accept that????

Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...


آمين يارب. شكرا يا راما على الدعوة الجميلة دي

انت وحشتيني اوي اوي كمان :)



Thanx for ur words.
Guess u r right "they just make the most of everything that comes along the way"


Angelic devil,

mmmmm.... I guess I didn't think about it from all sides. I just wished for the good things.

The only thing I thought about is that there would be much room for everyone "in flowers", so there won't be conflicts or disagreements between butterflies& bees...etc. :) and they would live happily ever after. But you're right.

Thanks God for sure. that's just a simple impossible wish... just going in the sea of dreams and expressing my feelings :). I know Allah has created us to be the best.



First of all, thanx a lot for ur comment. U made me smile :). Thank you.

But u know what??! My problem is that I belive.... I'm that FRAGILE!! At least on the meantime, and can't get stronger.

oceaneyes said...

الله الله بجد

فعلا حسيت من كلامك انك بتصفى نفسك ...عاجبنى اوى الكلام الحلو ده ...

انا بحب الفراشات جدااااااااااااااا

بس بعد كلامك ده عشقتهم اووووووووووى

تحياتى ليكى يا قمر واتمنى الاقيكى فى الحالة دى دايما كدة


Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...


حسيتي إني بوصف نفسي؟!! :) بس أنا مش فراشة! أنا بنت عادية جدا و بحلم بحياة جميلة زي حياة الفراشات الرقيقة دي

بيني و بينك "عشان البوست دة خلاص بأة قديم و غالبا مش هيقرأ الكلام دة غيرك ;)" ... بحلم زيادة اوي ونفسي حد يضربني جامد عشان اصحى و اعيش في الواقع اكتر بدال ما كل شوية اتصدم واصحى بالغصب من حياة الأحلام اللي انا جواها

بجد شكرا أوي أوي على اهتمامك الجميل دة. حقيقي فرحتيني اوي
ربنا يخليكي ليّ ونشوف بعض في الحقيقة في يوم من الأيام :)

ملحوظة: البوست اللي قبله انا هرد عليكي ان شاء الله بس مش هقدر حالا. معلش سامحيني

SunShine said...

awww tht was really sweet ^_^
i love poetry and i rit poems too
keep going =)

p.s: i added my email

Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...


you're the 1 who is sweet :)

Thanx girly, but I believe it's just writing with some rhymes... but unfortunately didn't reach "real poetry".

I got ur mail. thanx again :)

oceaneyes said...

ولا يهمك يا قمر

وانا مستنية اجابتك عليه بفارغ الصبر

واتمنى اشوفك فى يوم من الايام يا فراشة