Saturday, January 22, 2011

FaceBook Whispers

People are always checking.. knowing your news, knowing your mood.... through your status..written somewhere abstract.

Well.... What if a looooooong time passed& you wrote nothing?!! Will anyone wonder why?

I've been thinking for a long time& I feel I don't have the appetite to write any status in fact!!

What should I write? That I miss reality??

I miss real people in flesh& blood

I miss you people!!

I actually miss your voices.

I'm done with "Heeeeeey" and "I miss youuuuuu" that everyone writes on your wall, it's not even a real wall :) . Bored of "feeeeenek ya gameela" that people write when seeing your comment or your picture. And in fact many times they don't have the real intention to meet soon.

Where are they seriously?! I wonder how life has changed that fast..& everyone is vanishing away behind simple devices..... something that's increasing day by day.

I meet people at work, we talk a lot, and we laugh more.....yet.. I need my small nice world back again.
"End of Status :))"