Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm eagerly waiting for the sweet November :). I just adore this month.

I've always liked October as it has beautiful unique weather&"most of the times" ... tender breeze and refreshing winds. And... :) coz of my birthday of course :D

But November is still so special, so unique, and so distinguished....... If you look at the sky anytime in November,..... you'll just fall in love with the scene. You'll have a different feeling and a smile will be drawn on your face then.

I LOVE the unforgettable sky in November, its colors, purity, cottony clouds some other times. . . I just miss it

And I'm waiting now

Of course& unfortunately.. that's not a photo taken by me.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

BaCk ..

The last couple of days have been very nice, interesting, full of joy and fun for me.
I've met a lot of people, the day had some surprises "by chance", and I changed the mood more than once.

Days were so full of laughter, laughter that turns to joyful tears sometimes.

I met my best friend 2 days in a row..... something that didn't really happen for a looooooong time since she got married!! 

I bought some of the very special things for me, things I like,.... for people I love.

I got a helium balloon for one of the dear people at work as she's getting promoted, bought a bunch of pink& light purple flowers for an old friend whom I haven't seen for years!! I just felt at the end that I'm buying things "I" like :))) even more than thinking about the other party getting these simple things!

I myself... got another bunch of flowers a day before the sequence of Nice Days started :D.Got it from my group after they've finished their exams. And..... a veeeeeery nice sweet cutie gift with the flowers.

A few days that were full of emotions. However, I don't know why..... I'm feeling that I'm missing something :(.
I was feeling so happy, really enjoyed it...................... A LOT .

But still..... Something is not there! Something is preventing me from feeling the real nice taste of happiness, even for these couple of days. I don't know how, I don't know why........ Sometimes I just feel that.. :( I still need a friend!!!!! Still lonely!   Ezzay?? Ma3rafsh !!

مطــــــلوب صــــــــــــديـق :)