Thursday, August 8, 2013

The witch

No one knows what's inside her..

No one knows what's behind her gorgeous eyes

Something secret there lies

behind her shiny long black hair, bedazzling everyone from the first sight

attracting them blindly as if they're following a delusional light

She's taking them to an endless night
But do they realize it??

With her tremendous laugh, sprinkles her spell everywhere

To handsome young men dreaming.. to turn it into a nightmare

People full of hope, passion and energy... That all would just be deep despair

With a charming silent smile she whispers..

Come closer.. approach

Fall for me.. You have to win my heart

&for her, that's just the mere start

As she chops this young man's heart

& watch'im crying, falling apart

Come closer.. approach

I'll let you forget everything

With me you'll always gain...

With her words comes thunder, lightning and rain

In fact.. they'll start a new chapter of pain

But do they know? Do they realize??