Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Staying home for sometime...... sick :) I'm so fed up of doctors 

Thank God thank God thank God for everything.

Looking for a job....... I really wish to find a good place to utilize all that experience& talent I have. Hope I can find a place that would know my skills &use them before I lose them all or reach that time where I can't give that much.....

Really wish I could do it... I know I'm, thank God, pretty good at my job. I know that people understand well from me... and I'm pretty passionate about it... So I really wish so :)
 Of course I have a lot of weakness points, but I know that teaching is one of my real strength points that I adore&wish to do all the time.

I do believe that this is my role in life.... Hope I can do it almost perfectly& leave that great influence inside everyone I meet.

Yarab ...


white paper said...

I realy proud of u, i see a huge power behind ur words ....if u realy feel that power, u will find your way, and u 'll find the job u want "ISA better & sooner than u expect".....I passed that before,look at me now "thanks God from all my heart"

Wish I were a Butterfly ... said...

Thanks a lot, White paper :)